‘No baby stroller, no baby’: Woman says she didn’t know about new ordinance

A man says he’s a regular customer at the popular baby strolling place at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Grand Street.

But this week, he says, he was told by a woman behind him to take a baby stowaway in the back seat of a car.

“I told her ‘No, no, no.

That is illegal,'” said the man, who asked to remain anonymous because he didn’t want to upset anyone.

The woman told him to get in the car.

“I don’t know if she said that because she wasn’t trying to make me feel bad or because she was a douchebag, but she’s going to tell me,” the man said.

He told the man that he would not be allowed to take the baby, so the man put his car in gear and drove off.

“There are people around me that were not even doing anything.

There were people who were walking with babies,” he said.

The man says the woman continued to walk ahead of him until she passed by a car carrying a young baby in the passenger seat.

She told the driver, “You’re not allowed to carry a baby in that car, and I told her that,” he recalled.

“She’s still in there and she said, ‘Oh, I can’t take a child in that.

I can only take a stroller.’

And I’m like, ‘I don.

I’m sorry.'”

The woman then walked away.

The car stopped and the woman and the baby got back in the vehicle.

The man says his wallet was not touched during the transaction.

The woman, he said, also left his wallet behind.

He said he does not know how the transaction happened.