Baby shark video shows shark in ‘savage, violent’ attack

The horrifying video of a baby shark attacking a family dog has sparked outrage across Australia.

The video shows a large shark attack on a dog on the beach at Tully Beach in Brisbane, with the animal being hit repeatedly.

The family dog, which was not named, was attacked by the shark, with its jaws open and teeth clenched, as it tried to bite the creature.

In the footage, the animal is seen screaming in pain as the attack continues.

“It was like it was just going through the roof,” the family’s dog, Jack, said.

The attack was filmed by a passerby.

“The dog just goes into a frenzy.

It’s a bit of a blur,” the witness, Tom McDonough, told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

You just feel like you’re watching a movie, it’s like a film but there’s no blood.

It just goes to a whole other level.”

The footage was posted to Facebook by Tully Island resident Mark Tully, who said he posted the footage to warn others not to approach the shark.

“I thought the dogs reaction was really scary, that it was going to attack them,” Mr Tully said.

“But it didn’t.

They didn’t even bother to close their mouths.”

Mr Tully told ABC radio the animal was in shock after being attacked.

“They just wanted to get away from the dog.

It was like a movie.

I’m really amazed by how quickly the dog got away,” he said.

Mr Tulfill said he was shocked to see the dog’s owner in a state of shock after the attack.

“That’s really upsetting, I think that’s a really scary thing to witness,” he told ABC Brisbane.

Mr McDonoy said the attack happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

“What we were really scared of is if they had gotten close enough, they would have been able to bite it,” he added.

The Tully family said they were in shock and had been worried about the safety of their dog.

“We’ve been in the water and it’s just like an animal instinct, to attack something,” Jack said.