The world of baby piggy ears

Baby piggy earrings and baby pig hats are going viral in Brazil, with people buying them on eBay.

The fashion trend has been popular since at least 2014 and has spread to more than 100 countries, including the US. 

“I can’t wait for my son to have piggy head,” said the woman, who identified herself as an expatriate living in Brazil.

“This trend started in Brazil and has really spread.

People are starting to buy them now.”

Baby piggy hats are designed to look like piggy heads and contain little piggy fabric.

Baby pig hats have been on the market in Brazil since 2014, and are now popular among expatriates.

One Brazilian woman said she bought one of the hats from an online seller, but did not buy the hat herself.

The woman said her husband was a musician and that her job allowed her to afford a large family.

“My husband works in a band and we spend a lot of money on music and entertainment,” she said.

“I could not afford to buy a hat myself, so I bought a cheap one on eBay.”

Brazilian photographer Pedro Gomes said he bought a baby pig earring in 2015 for his son.

“It’s a good idea to buy the piggy because it has piggy material,” he said.

“It is a nice thing to have because it looks cute.”

Gomes said some of the baby pig hat sales were for children’s parties, but he had also seen them for family gatherings.

“There are people who buy them for their family members,” he explained.

“They are wearing it to their children’s birthday parties.”

“I like to wear them because they are cute and cute babies are the best to look at.”

The headwear trend is a response to a country that has had some of its worst pandemics in recent history, with more than 300,000 people dying in 2016 alone.

Gomes has a lot to say about his baby pig head purchase.

“The pig is an important symbol of Brazil,” he told the ABC.

“Pigs are a symbol of our country because they symbolise hope and good luck.”

“There is hope in having a pig in your home, in your family.

That’s what I like to do.”