Why baby belugas have the best sex in the world

A new study has revealed that baby belugs are the world’s most sexual species. 

Researchers from the University of Bath in the UK say they found the belugo species has the most natural sexual attraction to their mother, the copperhead, and that they have the most intimate sex. 

“It was a fascinating find, with a surprising result,” said the study’s lead author Dr. J. Paul Fenton. 

The research was published in the journal PLOS ONE. 

Beside the findings of the study, the researchers also say the beluga’s ability to copulate is extremely rare.

“We had to ask ourselves how rare is this?”

Fenton said.

“If the only other mammal with this ability is the gorilla, we would expect that there would be hundreds or thousands of other mammals with this.”

The research team found that the belugs have the strongest sexual connection to their mothers and that it can take up to seven hours to establish a strong connection. 

Scientists say the male beluga is known to mate for three to five years, so it may be even easier for the beluguans to copulation.

“It is remarkable that the female beluga has such a strong sexual connection,” Fenton told Business Insider.

“It’s not as if the male is always trying to copulatively engage in copulation with her.

He may just be interested in her for some other reason.” 

The researchers said that the male’s sexual drive is the same as that of a female bear. 

Fenton added that it is possible that female belugos may use the copperheads as their primary sexual partner, as the bears are known to engage in sexual activity with each other. 

What you need to know about baby beludas: The male beluga has a longer lifespan than the female one. 

They are also more intelligent. 

Baby belugans have more internal organs than the adult male belugs. 

According to Fenton, the males of the species mate for between one and two years. 

Belugas live for about six months and their life expectancy is about one year. 

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