Why I love baby clothes (and other products)

When I was a kid, my mom would buy me a baby blanket, a baby crib, and a baby teddy bear and then I would go home and put it in my crib. 

When I was an adult, I would buy baby clothes. 

The baby clothes line started with the first ones that came out, which were made of fabric that was so absorbent that they could absorb and absorb water and mold spores, as well as absorb baby odors.

I still have a lot of these stuffies that I use in my house now. 

I have been very picky about the quality of the baby clothes that I wear. 

My mom was very pickiest about the fabrics that I wore. 

If I wore a nice, soft cotton one that was really breathable and not too big, I was OK with it. 

She would say, “You are too big for your own good.

You should wear something softer.” 

I’m not very pickier. 

But when I was growing up, I started wearing a lot more fabrics than my mom. 

You can’t really tell a lot from a baby shirt, but I was always a little bit more picky with my baby clothes because my mom was a huge fan of cotton, so I was more careful about which baby clothes I wore and what fabric I wore them on. 

There’s also the whole, “you can wear a baby coat if you want, but you have to buy it.” 

You don’t really have to wear a coat unless you really need it.

So if you’re like, “I really need to get a coat for this baby,” I’d say, “Well, you know what?

I can’t do that.

You have to get one for me.” 

It wasn’t until I was older that I started thinking about what was in a baby’s clothes, and I was like, How many of these baby clothes is there in a box of 100? 

You have to have some sense of how much space you’re going to have in your house for all these baby items, because there are no guarantees in life that your baby will actually live long enough to buy them. 

Baby clothing is not cheap. 

It’s very expensive, but it’s a little more affordable than it used to be, and that’s because of the popularity of baby-friendly products like baby-proof baby blankets. 

Babies are not always very comfortable with that kind of thing. 

They’re used to being covered with a blanket, and they don’t need it anymore. 

These baby-resistant baby blankets are super soft and comfortable, and the prices are also very reasonable. 

Some brands like Amazon have actually been selling baby-safe baby blankets, and Baby-proof Baby Blankets has a lot on their website. 

All these products can be bought at Target and Walmart for under $10. 

And if you really, really need one of these, you can get a $10 Amazon Gift Card to use towards one of the many baby-protection products that Target has. 

What do you think of baby clothing?

Do you have any suggestions for making baby clothes more comfortable for your baby? 

Do you have a favorite baby clothes brand?