How to deal with Baby Daddy and Gigi Hadid’s new album –

The hip hop duo have been busy this year with their second album, Baby Daddy & Gigi, which was released on January 31.

Their debut album, the self-titled debut, was released in September 2016 and received critical acclaim, earning them three Grammys.

They are the latest to make their debut in 2017.

Baby Daddy & Gabi’s new studio album Baby Daddy’s Got To Go was released November 23, 2017 and is the follow-up to their debut album.

The album is their second collaboration, and was recorded with the help of the production company The Chainsmokers, and features collaborations with Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj.

Baby’s next album, Daddy’s The Real Deal, is due out in 2019.