How to raise your child in the ‘gay culture’

A father who raised his son to be a ‘gay, trans and straight’ Christian in his home in Israel’s conservative Galilee town of Kiryat Gat said he did not want to be misunderstood.

While his son is now an adult, the rabbi and his wife had been raising their family in an environment that was “not gay, trans or straight,” the father, Aaron, told the Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

Aaron’s son, Ben, is now a 16-year-old Israeli citizen who attends Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

His father, who is also a Jewish activist, said his son grew up in a household where he did and did not see people of the same sex, and that his son’s upbringing was not different from his own.

“The only difference is that my son is a Jew, and is raised in a culture that is not gay, transgender or straight.

It’s not that I have not seen gay people.

It is that I do not want the gay culture to be perceived as gay,” he said.

Aaron said he was inspired to raise his son after reading a post on Facebook in 2015 that described the dangers of the gay lifestyle.

“I didn’t see the harm that I was seeing, and I did not have to face the consequences of my actions,” he told the newspaper.

“When I came out to my son he said, ‘Dad, you are a good man.

You are the only one that has the courage to be honest and to say it.'”

The rabbi, who asked not to be named, said he saw a “lot of homophobia” in his own life, and had experienced a “huge amount of discrimination” as a gay person.

He added that he did his best to be open to his son, who was often bullied, and said he “never used to feel ashamed about being gay.”

“I used to be so proud that I had the courage and courage to stand up for myself.

I thought to myself, ‘You have the courage.

You have the talent.

You know what’s good for you,'” he said in an interview with the newspaper, adding that he had “a lot of courage” in doing what he did.”

We are living in a time where we are seeing a lot of homophobia.

I don’t see it as being an insult to gay people, and it’s not an insult against people of any sexual orientation.

It can be used as a shield to keep us in the closet.

We need to stop this.

We have to be more accepting,” he added.’

It’s not a sin’The rabbi said he had always had a “strong sense of morality”, adding that in his youth he had been a “moral person” who did not condone “anything.”

“As a rabbi, I believe in the Torah, the Torah is the most moral code, and if you do not follow that, then you will never be a good rabbi,” he continued.

“If you do a wrong thing, the sin will be you.

If you are wrong, it will be your family that will do the wrong thing.”

In the book, “Hymns to the Gay Family,” Rabbi Abraham Levovitz writes that, in a word, “it’s not sinful” to be gay.

But Aaron said he believed he had the right to raise a “normal” son who was raised in the culture he did, and who was “proud to be who he is”.

“I do not feel bad if people do not like me for what I do.

I have done a lot to change the culture.

I was proud to be Jewish and gay, and my family did not reject me because of my sexuality,” he wrote in the book.”

If you don’t like me, you can be my friend, but you will not be my son.”