Katie Perry: Baby boy’s ‘perfect moment’ is her best ever

A young boy has been born with his left ear missing, but the mom-to-be says she’s proud of his unique and special moment.

Katie Perry’s Baby Boy, born on Saturday, was born with a damaged left ear and will require special care.

The child’s mum, Katy Perry, said the youngster’s experience will be an inspiration for the rest of his life.

Mr Perry, who also works in the arts, said her son was born without any ear.

She said her family are happy to be raising him on the NHS.

“We’re very happy for him to be here because we know that if he could hear and feel anything, he would be the happiest child in the world,” she said.

“The fact that he has this special ear is just so special to us.”

Mr Perry said the young boy’s left ear is now functional, and he was able to sing.

“He has so much joy and happiness in his life, because he has a totally different world,” Mr Perry told reporters outside the hospital.

“It’s the perfect moment.

We are very proud of him.”

Katy Perry’s baby boy will require extra care.

Source: News Corp Australia Katy Perry (2nd right) and her son, Jack.

Source the Irish Times article She said the family are hopeful the baby will be able to grow up to become a doctor or a teacher.

“My hope is that he will be a really, really special child.

He will be the best thing that ever happened to him,” Ms Perry said.

Ms Perry’s husband, Jack, was also born without a left ear.

“Jack is really, truly lucky,” she told reporters.

“I can’t say enough good things about him and I know how much he wants to be a doctor and teacher, and we are so happy that he’s here.”

Jack Perry was born missing his left ears.


The baby’s mother, Katy Perry, said Jack is her ‘perfect baby moment’.

Photo: Supplied Mr Perry and her husband had planned to give birth to Jack in the family’s home in the Adelaide suburb of Bentleigh.

She also said the couple were looking forward to having Jack play in their yard.

Ms Perry said she was proud of Jack’s experience.

“If he could see, he’d be the greatest baby,” she added.

The mother said Jack had already begun learning to sing and was able play the guitar, and she was planning to play in the backyard.

“There’s so much more to come from him.

He is really a great kid,” Ms Perriks said.