More baby milestones to be celebrated with a cast of Da Baby actress in a video

More than 100 baby milestones have been celebrated by a cast member of a Japanese anime series Da Baby.

Da Baby’s main cast members are all male, but the cast includes a female and a little boy.

In the series, the baby protagonist Daisuke (aka Baby Driver) and his friends are trying to escape a house of thieves, and their goal is to find the house’s owner.

The series was created by studio MCA Entertainment and features several original songs.

MCA Entertainment also released the Da Baby 2nd Season (Da Baby 2: Da Baby) on YouTube.

According to Da Baby director Kazuhito Fukuda, the series was inspired by the “greatness” of the Japanese pop culture and “the dream of living in a small house, being loved by your friends, and always being a little bit older than the others.”

The Da Baby cast members, who are all girls, are:Yuki Sakamoto (Daisuke), Kazuhiko Hasegawa (Daizō), Mitsuo Suzuki (Hidetoshi), and Shiro Watanabe (Hida).——Related news from around the web:Follow Racked on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and RSS