Baby hedgehog ‘delayed’ surgery and recovery after emergency operation

Baby hedgehogs have been rushed to hospital after an emergency operation was delayed.

The hedgehog was rushed to Royal Hobart Hospital on Monday evening after being placed on a ventilator.

“It’s been an intense process to get the baby hedgehog to Royal Hospital,” his owner, Lisa Simpson, said.

“We’ve been going through the paperwork to try and get the animal on the ventilators and they’ve been very frustrating.”

It’s unclear how long the hedgehog will be held in the intensive care unit at Royal Hobarts.

“He’s not moving, but we’re just trying to get him into a good environment and make sure that he’s getting enough oxygen,” Ms Simpson said.

It is not known if the hedgehog has a history of complications with ventilations, but Ms Simpson has been told that the animal has a number of underlying health issues.

“A vet has come to the vet and done a lot of tests, and he’s said that it’s very likely that he has a genetic condition,” Ms Simpsons said.

She has already had to go to a number, as she is worried about the hedgehound’s condition.

“The vets were just very supportive of our decision, and they have been extremely kind,” Ms Simpson said.

Ms Simpson has already spent $100,000 on her hedgehog, and she said it is only getting worse.

“You can imagine, it’s a bit like the baby of a hedgehog,” she said.

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