The story behind the baby goat and the baby cat that are making headlines

The story of the baby goats and baby cats that are becoming household names has been well documented in the United States, but not so much in Britain.

Now, researchers from Oxford University and the University of Edinburgh have identified a second breed of goats that are also among the most sought after in the country.

The study, published in the Journal of Animal Ecology, said the goats are very rare in the U.K. and they can fetch prices as high as $200,000 per animal.

However, these expensive animals are more expensive than a domestic cat, and that’s because domestic cats are more costly to breed than goats, the researchers said.

It’s important to note that domestic cats have been domesticated in England since the 18th century.

The researchers also said the most prized domestic goat is a cross between a male and female.

The study was based on data from the breeders of four breeds of goats, all of which have been available in the market since the 1970s.

One of the breed’s most sought-after goats is a bull.

A bull has a larger and heavier body than a goat and has a more pronounced hump and horns on its forehead.

But the study found that these horns are more noticeable in the bull than the goat.

Other rare breeds are the bull, bull goat, and bull cat.

As the researchers note, the bull is much smaller than the bull goat and its horns are usually less pronounced than those of the goat or cat.

The bull goat is smaller and lighter than the other two breeds of goat and goat owners may not realize that.

That’s because goats are known to have smaller horns than cats.

The bull goat has more pronounced horns than the cat, but its horn tips are smaller and its tail is wider.

This means that the bull will have more of an “ugly” appearance.

It may be more of a “pink” or “brown” appearance, according to the researchers.

Another breed of goat that is not commonly known in the UK is the bull.

A bull goat can be more expensive because it is more likely to have a white coat, a more distinctive coat color and is often a cross breed.

Despite its more prominent horns, the other three breeds are very similar in appearance.

They all have a more distinct coat color than the black bull, brown bull and black goat, according the study.

This breed of cat has a white muzzle and a white fur.

The other three breed cats have black or black and white fur and a black or white muzzle.

The three breeds also have a similar overall appearance.