What baby tiger value means for Victoria’s wildlife?

A baby tiger found in Victoria’s bush is a first for the state, with a value of about $1,000.

Key points:The baby tiger, named Beanie, was found in a bush in the state’s northern westThe baby’s owner, Robert Tewksbury, says he’s trying to help the tiger’s ownerFind more stories like this”This baby tiger has a very good chance of making a good life for itself,” Mr Tewmsbury said.

“I have no idea what his price tag is, but it’s going to be around $1k and he’s a very smart baby.”

Mr Tewmmarsbury said he was “just delighted” to find the tiger, which has been kept in a cage for a number of years.

“He’s a baby tiger,” Mr Nettles said.

He said he had never seen a baby gorilla before and he would like to have a look around the tiger before giving it a go.

“It’s just fantastic to have this baby tiger back here,” he said.

The baby gorilla was found after the owners of the tiger contacted a vet after seeing photos on social media of the baby gorilla in captivity.

The owners of Beanie said he is a good baby, with no health problems.

“The baby is a little older than I think most of the adults in this zoo are, so we’re really pleased that we have a baby who’s happy and healthy,” Mr Thistle said.

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