What happens when baby yodas name is named after the character from the Star Wars franchise?

The name of baby yods first came to the public eye when a mother named Melissa Bannister decided to name her son after the name of one of the film’s most beloved characters.

According to Melissa, her name was inspired by the name Leia.

“My husband and I loved the name ‘Yoda,’ so I thought it would be a fun name for my son,” Melissa told ABC News.

“And we both said, ‘Why not baby Yoda?’

So we got him the name Yoda.

The name Yodas is just such a good name.”

Melissa’s son, Owen, was born in February 2017.

Since the baby’s name was the first to be named after one of George Lucas’ most beloved creations, Melissa has been inundated with requests for other names.

“He’s very, very funny,” Melissa said of her son.

But I’ve also gotten people wanting Yoda, Daisy. “

I’ve gotten emails from people wanting names like Daisy, Daisy Dukes, Daisy Grazys, and Daisy Loves.

But I’ve also gotten people wanting Yoda, Daisy.

And I love that because we love the character and the character is Yoda.”

“He really is a great kid,” Melissa added.

“The only thing that makes me sad is when I have to say it’s just a baby.

It’s a really, really funny name.”

As of last week, Melissa’s name has become the subject of many a social media post.

One Facebook user shared a photo of a handwritten note from Melissa to her mother.

In it, Melissa writes: “My name is Melissa and my son is Yod, so we’re happy to have you.”

Yoda’s name is also currently being passed around on social media as a name for a baby girl.