When baby jaundiced baby shoots himself in head in hospital

A baby who shot himself in the head in a hospital in Japan last month has been taken off life support, according to the hospital.

The baby, named Jaundice, was taken off the ventilator after a two-hour surgery after the baby was born on Jan. 7, the hospital said in a statement.

The boy is expected to survive.

He was born with severe breathing problems and had no oxygen for several hours, the statement said.

He is currently on a ventilators and in a coma.

Jaundice is the second baby born in Japan in the last three weeks with a fatal birth defect.

On Dec. 27, a baby born with cerebral palsy in the city of Osaka was placed on a respirator after the newborn was born prematurely.

It was later determined that the newborn had a congenital birth defect and died a short time later, the Japanese hospital’s statement said, adding that the boy is still in a serious condition.

In a separate case, two babies born with cleft palate and other birth defects were born in the state of Kansai last month.

The babies died at the end of February, according the local medical examiner’s office, but were treated and released at the beginning of March.

Kansai, a city in southern Japan, has been one of the most restrictive states in Japan to allow babies born through cesarean sections, meaning their mother is able to give birth to a child with a birth defect before being discharged.

While many Japanese believe the babies’ deaths are due to lack of care, experts say that’s not the case.

“This baby could not have been born alive and has died as a result of the lack of treatment,” said Kazutoshi Fujimoto, a professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at Tokyo’s Shizuoka University who was not involved in the new case.

“The parents are very poor and they were poor at birth.

It is difficult to understand how they could have cared for their baby and then to die at such a young age.”

Japanese researchers have also been looking into the deaths of other babies who have died from birth defects.

A baby who died at birth after a birth defects treatment in Tokyo in December, the second death of a baby with a congenitally-delivered birth defect in Japan, was treated by a doctor at the hospital and released, the police said.

But in Japan’s worst-ever case, the infant was placed in a ventilated room and put on oxygen tanks while the family was hospitalized, the Associated Press reported, citing the police.

Japanese health authorities have been struggling with a steady influx of newborns and babies who are born with birth defects in recent years, according a Reuters review of data.

According to data from the Japan Birth Registry, the number of newborn births has increased by more than 10 percent in the past three years.

The number of babies born after birth defects is up more than 90 percent, with more than 2.6 million babies born since the first year of the data, according Reuters.

More babies have been diagnosed with birth defect after complications during childbirth, including babies born without arms or legs.

Since 2011, the average age of babies with congenital malformations in Japan has increased to more than 30 years old, according Japan’s Health Ministry.

Doctors have been warning of a surge in birth defects among newborns since the late 1990s, but there have been no official reports of serious birth defects since the early 2000s.