Why does a baby have to be a baby?

There are plenty of babies on the market, but one that has a very real chance of becoming a parent is Ergo Baby’s Alive Doll. 

The product, which has been on sale in Australia since last year, comes in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, including a baby born in a single piece.

The doll can be used as a baby sitter, and its name Ergo means “one who lives”. 

According to Ergo’s website, the doll is designed to be used for a variety.

“Its great for babies to sit for longer periods of time, and can be carried in a small or large size, with different types of support to help keep your baby close,” the site says. 

“When used with the Ergo Pillow Cover and Ergo Head Cover, it can also be used to help prevent your baby from falling asleep.” 

The doll also comes with a small storage compartment, which Ergo says can hold up to a full-sized newborn baby, and Ergos “extra large” size.

“We can make a full size Ergo for your child up to six months old, or up to two years old, and that’s the ideal size for a baby to sit on.

Ergo can also carry a baby in a large size and a small size,” the website says.

Ergo Baby has not confirmed whether it will continue to sell the doll in Australia, but says it has “no plans to stop”.

“We will continue selling Ergo Dolls in Australia to our customers,” Ergo said in a statement.

Baby Alive Doll is a “unique and innovative product”, with Ergo saying that it is “designed to help our customers take control of their baby’s life.”

“With our Alive Doll, we are providing comfort and support for our babies as they go through their first days of life, with a variety to choose from.”

Ergos website is a little confusing about the product’s pricing. 

It says the doll comes in “an attractive range of colors, shapes and sizes”, but also says it is a ‘large’ doll.

The doll can also fit “up to two” newborns.

And it’s unclear if Ergo will be able to sell its product in the United States, where the doll would have to pass regulatory hurdles. 

Baby Alive dolls are marketed as a “good value”, but there are no plans to offer the product in stores, Ergo told HuffPost Australia.

A spokesperson for Ergo Australia told HuffPost the company does not currently have plans to launch its product anywhere in Australia.

“Ergo Doll is designed for use by babies up to 12 months of age,” the spokesperson said.

When asked whether the company planned to offer its product to parents in Australia or the United Kingdom, the spokesperson did not respond.

It’s not clear whether Ergo has any plans to continue selling the doll overseas.

Australia is one of the world’s most heavily regulated countries, and some of the country’s laws are stricter than those in the US. 

In 2016, the US Senate approved a bill that would allow doctors to prescribe drugs for children under 18.

It also created a national drug planning scheme that would see “drugs and pharmaceuticals” listed as “primary” or “secondary” by the Australian Health Insurance Commission (AHCIC).

“While the AHCIC’s policy remains in place for children up to the age of 18 years old and children with severe medical conditions, the AHA will now take action to require that children aged between 12 and 18 years of age be assessed by a medical professional in Australia before they are prescribed a pharmaceutical or pharmaceutical-related product,” the AHBIC said in its press release. 

Ergo has not yet responded to HuffPost’s request for comment.