‘Baby Vans’ star Nikki Minaj dies at 27

The rapper’s longtime manager, who was the primary caretaker for the rapper for more than a decade, has died, TMZ reported.

The cause of death was not immediately released.

Minaj was a child star in her own right.

She was a longtime member of the group BTS, which released her first album, 2017’s “BTS.”

She also released two albums, “Baby Vamps” and “Busty Bitch.”

Her mother, Yolanda Jones, was the daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash.

Minavans longtime manager and producer Chris Brown, who worked closely with Minaj on “Baby Van,” also worked on “BUSTY BITCH,” which was produced by Nicki Minaj and released in 2019.

Minami is survived by her father, Nicki, and three sisters.