Bush baby picture: Bad baby animal, baby bush

It was a terrible sight.

The little Bush baby, his mother, and a bush animal were seen wandering around the bush, one on each side of the family.

“I had been waiting for them to come here, I thought it was a good sign,” said neighbour, Laura Larkin.

“The bush was just a very busy area.”

It was only after the family arrived home that they realised the family had come in through the front door.

“It’s just a little bit weird.

We don’t see anything like this,” said Larkin, who has known the family for many years.”

But when we came back from work, the family was already gone.”

Ms Larkin said she had only recently discovered the family’s story and was not surprised by their behaviour.

“This is just a bit of a bizarre thing.

You would expect it to happen, but you don’t expect it,” she said.”

A couple of years ago when they moved to this new house, they had a big party and they went out and got some good food.””

The first thing that happened was, they would go out and play with the animals and there was a baby bush animal.”

Ms Bair said the family would be doing a lot of shopping and that the bush animal was likely to be an orphan.

“They are very intelligent and will try and figure out what they can do for themselves,” she explained.

You just never know what you might find in the bush.””

We have no idea what happened to the family, they haven’t shown any aggression.”

You just never know what you might find in the bush.