How to get rid of baby copperheads: Watch the video

A mother was caught on video leaving her newborn baby with a copperhead at a Washington pet store.

Cheryl Gresham, a nurse practitioner in South Carolina, was driving her boyfriend and her son to the store, where she saw the newborn baby, a 2-month-old copperhead named “Baby Copperhead,” at the front of the store.

Gresham told WLOS-TV that she thought it was adorable.

“He looked like a baby,” she said.

But then she heard the baby’s mother, “Oh my God!”

Greshed then realized she’d left the baby in the car for about five minutes, she said, and she called 911.

After calling 911, Greshawn called the pet store and was told the baby was gone, according to the police report.

Greslamans boyfriend said the mother was the one who had been yelling at the baby, and the baby had no ear tags.

G-S-A is investigating.


said the store owner told her the baby could have a silver ear tag, but she didn’t buy it.

The woman was also upset with G-SO for leaving the baby with the baby on a leash, G- S-A reported.

Gensham has posted the video to her Facebook page and shared it on social media, including on the website of the South Carolina Department of Health and Senior Services.