How to name your baby’s name — and the names of the first few generations of his or her parents —

A new report from The Associated Press shows that as of 2012, about 2 million babies have been named after celebrities.

And the trend is not just limited to baby names.

The AP analyzed the names and ages of about 2.5 million babies born in the United States from 1976 to 2013 and found that celebrity names were almost evenly split between babies who were named after popular actors or musicians and babies who had a first name that didn’t start with an actor’s first name.

Baby names are also popular with people who grew up in wealthy households.

Baby girl names are the most popular baby girl name among the children of those families, with about 3 million baby girls being named after the names that parents chose.

That means they’re about half as likely to have a baby named after a singer, and about a third as likely as baby boys.

The Baby Girl Names: How to Name Your Baby’s Name infographic was created by the Pew Research Center and the Pew Charitable Trusts.

In total, the report found that baby girl names have an average of 3.3 years of added value, including social media, TV and movie appearances and a book.

But while those types of value are often valued as well, there are some exceptions.

For example, babies named after musicians, actors and musicians are about a fifth more likely to make it into a book or movie than babies named for other people.

And baby girl’s names are about half the chance of making it into an Oscar.

The top-ranked baby girl of 2013 was Emma Stone, with the most common baby girl in that year being Lily.

The second-most popular baby boy in 2013 was Jordan Belfort, who was the most likely to be a star in the movie Spotlight.

The youngest baby girl born in 2013, Olivia Munn, was about 5 months old.