How to stop yourself from reading a tweet that will make you cry

You may have heard of the Twitter bot, which has become the go-to solution for people in a world of social media, as it is used by millions of people all over the world.

But what about a bot that actually makes you cry?

A bot that makes you feel sick?

Or worse yet, makes you laugh?

In the case of Twitter bot #SicknessBot, the bot is being used to raise money for an organization called Stop the Sickness, which is helping to eradicate the disease from the planet.

The bot, in its early stages, was created by a couple named John and Susan.

They have been raising money for the cause since 2011, according to the company’s website.

The two decided to start the company as a way to make some extra money and also to make a positive impact in the world, according the website.

But then they noticed something was not quite right.

“After we launched, the number of tweets they were sending out went from maybe 30,000 to a million every day, and then suddenly, they were deleting the tweets,” Susan said.

The problem was, the tweets were so frequently deleted that the team decided to stop sending out tweets altogether.

“We realized we had no idea how to handle the constant tweets and we just wanted to get some help from people who could,” Susan explained.

“It’s just so much fun.”

It’s not like Twitter bots are new.

The company’s Twitter account has had over 500 million followers, and more than 2.6 billion tweets sent in the last year.

Twitter bot accounts are often created by people who want to give back to the community, but also want to make money off the bot.

For many, bots are a way of getting more traffic or making money.

And as bots have become popular in social media as well, so have some of their creators.

In a recent article, CNNMoney found that some people have used bots to make extra money.

One user, @_marshall_, earned $3,000 from tweeting a random message to a Twitter bot and received a total of $3.25 in the process.

Another, @molly_lives_, made $1,000 by tweeting a message to the bot and was rewarded with a total reward of $4.50.

These bot accounts can earn a lot of money if they keep churning out tweets and making money off it.

Twitter is now testing a new feature to combat the bot phenomenon, and it’s also looking into ways to help people who are sick to get money from the bot, according an email sent by Twitter.

The tool, called the Tweets from the Bot, allows users to donate money to the organization and also send a message directly to the Bot.

The donation page, which currently has no limit, is also accepting messages from anyone who has had a problem or needs help.

Twitter has also launched a campaign to help raise money to fight the disease, according a press release.

The campaign has already raised $1.5 million.

Twitter bots, like #SICKNESS, have become the rage of Twitter, according Twitter.

“If you want to get a job or make money, it’s probably time to check out @SickNotes,” tweeted the bot creator, @JohnL_Sick.

“I’m starting a new business to raise funds to fight #SIDSTick disease.”

The bot was created for a very specific purpose: to raise donations for an organizations cause.

It’s a good thing the people behind the bot don’t want to see their creations become a problem for anyone.