Why the NFL was wrong to fire John Lynch

It was the first week of the regular season and the Cowboys were trying to win a game that was all but lost.

The team’s best chance was to beat the Broncos, who would then have a chance to play for the AFC title.

But the Cowboys won the game, 49-14.

The day was the beginning of a tumultuous period for the team, one that has since been referred to as the “Boomerang.”

It was a year ago this week that John Lynch was fired, the second time in his seven-year NFL career.

He was the second coach to be fired in the same season.

His firing was a direct response to what he called “a culture of disrespect” within the locker room.

“I don’t know what to say,” Lynch said in a phone interview this week.

“We are so proud of our players, and I know our players deserve better.

We need to work on that.”

It took four days before the Cowboys’ owners and general manager publicly addressed the issues surrounding the firing.

Owner Jerry Jones made clear in a statement that the decision to fire Lynch had nothing to do with the team’s success or the players.

“While there have been many difficult moments in our football team over the past few years, this is not one of them,” Jones said.

“John’s tenure has been one of the greatest ever.

I am proud of what he has accomplished with the Cowboys and I’m proud to have been a part of his teams successes.”

The decision was made by the NFLPA, the union representing NFL players, which said it was unaware of any discussions about firing Lynch.

Lynch and the team were not paid until Dec. 31, a month after the Broncos beat the Cowboys.

He had been on the job for just three months.

Lynch was hired in 2012 to replace Ron Wolf, who had left after a season that was widely viewed as a major blunder.

After a 1-7 start, the Cowboys started the season 6-7.

The Cowboys made a strong playoff push with a 24-13 win over the Saints in the divisional round.

But they were beaten by the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

“Our players are going to have a very tough time knowing who they are and what we are about, especially as we continue to rebuild,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in the statement.

“The actions of a few have been completely unacceptable, and it is time to move on.”

Lynch has never coached in the NFL.

But he spent more than three seasons as an offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and had helped build one of its most dominant defenses.

Lynch led the Bucs to a Super Bowl championship in 2015.

He took over the Cowboys in 2016.

“This is not about me,” Lynch told reporters at the time.

“It’s not about the team.

It’s about the players.”